Diplomatic Passports


The benefits of traveling on a diplomatic passport are endless. Easy passage at borders, special lines at customs, baggage inviolability are just a few. Traveling to conflict zones and protecting your safety and privacy when your original passport would put you in harms way are others. Zipping through customs lines with bags that are not allowed to be opened. There are people who use a diplomatic passport to travel with sensitive documents that need to be protected from intruders. Others use it to protect their lives. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Red carpet treatment and diplomatic lounge use at many airports
  • No tax liability on several income sources
  • No counting the days for immigration purposes
  • Easier visa restrictions
  • Use of CC or CD or Consul license plates on cars
  • Access to salon d’honneur government lounges
  • Prestige internationally
  • Instant door opener in political or business environments
  • Meeting top ranking government officials in any country
  • Sovereign inviolable status of your home and residence
  • Free visas to any country and visa free travel in many cases
  • Never pay airport departure tax
  • Volvo and BMW diplomatic cars at 20-40% discount (max 2 cars per year)
  • Travel upgrades on airlines and hotels.


In spite of what many internet sites try to make you believe, diplomatic passports are not available for sale on the internet. The ones sold on the net are forged used passports with altered numbers. The use of such passports may lead to arrest and confiscation of your documents. A diplomatic passport can only be obtained through a diplomatic brokerage or by getting a foreign service government job. We can help you get a diplomatic passport quickly and efficiently through a diplomatic appointment.  Through our global network of diplomats, foreign service officers and government officials, we’ve been able to secure a diplomatic passport for most of our clients. Your diplomatic passport is delivered to you at a Foreign Ministry office or an official embassy.  Set up a free initial consultation with us.


  • Applicants with criminal records
  • Applicants with international arrest warrants
  • Applicants of interest by international intelligence agencies
  • High profile applicants with a questionable  reputation
  • Applicants younger than 30-35 years of age unless they’ve achieved something outstanding

Please note, that a diplomatic passport means that you are traveling on official government business of the issuing country. Some countries require that you get a regular passport for travel as a tourist. Also note, that to there are many intricate details to international diplomacy, which you must be subject to once you travel on a diplomatic passport.


Getting a diplomatic passport is a complex process and such a document is a highly valued asset of governments. After an initial consultation we will draw up a plan of action which we’d have you approve. After paying an initial retainer we begin the application process for you. You need to make a partial payment once your application is accepted and a final payment once you receive your documents. The costs vary based on political winds, the number of applications in the pipeline and the issuing countries. Accept to pay anywhere from $60,000-$250,000 including all fees and costs.


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