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Did you know that one third of all US ambassadors around the world have no experience in foreign policy or diplomacy? When the United States appointed the producer of the American soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful as ambassador to Hungary this practice gained tremendous light. She had never worked in a consulate or embassy in her life before.  Skilled diplomatic power brokers and consultants worked in the background to ensure her appointment.

You need a highly experienced consultant  in your corner, who understands “the game”, knows the players and how to get results.

Whether you’re looking for a diplomatic appointment as an consul, an ambassador, an ambassador at large or a presidential advisor, we’re here to help you and provide you with results.


Through a combined experience of 35 years and a web of global diplomatic and political contacts we are confident that we can connect you with a diplomatic passport and/or appointment in the shortest possible time. Our aim is to get you results. More than 85% of our business comes from referrals. If you’re not successful, we won’t be successful. After your initial consultation we’ll present a game plan to you and we’ll inform you when results can be expected. We’ve been on target 94% of time both in terms of deadline and costs.


Unlike other consultants and broker we will not ask for a full payment until your goals have been met. In fact, we only ask for an initial retainer, but the bulk of our fee is paid when we reach your objectives and thus our motivation lies in getting you results. The costs are hard to stipulate without knowing the case. To become a US ambassador may cost $5-$7 million dollars, while becoming a presidential advisor in a small island nation may set you back $70-$80 thousand dollars. Depending on your case we will give you an estimate and ask for a nominal retainer to begin working for you. Additional payments are required when certain milestones are reached, such as collecting your appointment or receiving your passport.

Our main expertise is in the following two areas:




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