Ambassador At Large


ambat1An ambassador at large is different from an ambassador-in-residence because he/she is not permanently stationed in one embassy. He represents his sending country in a region, group of countries or  in a certain international organization. An ambassador-at-large for example can represent his country in the European Union, North America or ASEAN countries. This positions doesn’t come with a permanent station and doesn’t come with the same privileges as the honorary consul title, but it does come with a diplomatic passport and many privileges.


International protocol requires that this person be addressed as His Excellency or Mr. Ambassador. The title also comes with a diplomatic passport, travel privileges and partial diplomatic immunity. The sending country decides the specific roles of your status. You may be an dually accredited ambassador to two countries where the country doesn’t maintain embassies, you might become an advisor to the prime minister based on your specific expertise or you may represent your sending country in an international organization.


ambat3Obtaining this title is usually much faster than obtaining an honorary consul title since you don’t have to wait for the receiving country’s approval. You need to submit your current documents (passport, birth certificate), your professional CV, a personal bio and additional supporting documents to us. We will submit your documents to several sending countries and choose the most suitable with you. In some cases you could obtain an appointment along with your title and diplomatic passport in 4-8 weeks.


The benefits of travelling on a diplomatic passport are endless. Easy passage at borders, special lines at customs, baggage inviolability are just a few. Traveling to conflict zones and protecting your safety and privacy when your original passport would put you in harms way are others. There are people who use a diplomatic passport to travel with sensitive documents that need to be protected from intruders. Here are some additional benefits:ambat2

  • Red carpet treatment and diplomatic lounge use at many airports
  • No tax liability on several income sources
  • Use of CC or CD or Consul license plates on cars
  • Prestige internationally
  • Instant door opener in political or business environments
  • Meeting top ranking government officials in any country
  • Sovereign inviolable status of your home and residence
  • Free visas to any country and visa free travel in many cases
  • Never pay airport departure tax
  • Volvo and BMW diplomatic cars at 20-40% discount (max 2 cars per year)
  • Travel upgrades on airlines and hotels.

Please note, that a diplomatic passport means that you are traveling on official government business of the issuing country. Some countries require that you get a regular passport for travel as a tourist. Also note, that to there are many intricate details to international diplomacy, which your must be subject to once you travel on a diplomatic passport.


ambat4Please note that diplomatic passports are not available for sale. Any company or organization claims such thing is fraudulent. A diplomatic passport comes with several supporting documents from the issuing country and is registered with the foreign ministry or State Department (US) along with your appointment. Diplomatic passports can only be obtained on an individual case by case basis. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of individuals gain diplomatic appointments and enjoy the benefits of a diplomatic passport. Utilizing our network of diplomats and foreign service professionals we negotiate an appointment for you. The process is simple.

  • Initial consultation with us about your needs
  • Finding opportunities and possible appointments
  • Compiling your personal data, professional and personal CVs and application essays
  • Negotiating your appointment with potential governments
  • Collecting the appointment and supporting documents from host country

The process can take anywhere from 4 to 24 weeks depending on the host country, the political climate and various other circumstances. If we feel that your case has no merit we will tell you at the very beginning of the applications so we don’t waste anyone’s time or resources.


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